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An evidence-based, high impact intervention that seeks to familiarise teachers with the most important aspects of metacognition.

Developing Metacognitive Learners is an evidence-based, high impact programme that familiarises teachers with the most important aspects of metacognition. This is a year-long programme that ensures teachers know how to implement the most effective learning strategies in their classrooms.

Building a whole-school metacognition model equips teachers with the tools and knowledge to build learner agency, therefore improving achievement outcomes.

Benefits of the OSIRIS Developing Metacognitive Learners Programme

• Encourages positive attitudes towards learning
• Improves achievement outcomes
• Develops problem solving skills
• Builds collective teacher efficacy
• Enhances wellbeing across the school
• Is suitable for every student of every age
• Embeds practice through rigour in implementation
• Learn an enhanced range of learning/teaching tools:
– Spiral of Inquiry
– Meta-coaching

Why implement Metacognition?

Interested in attending a conference on Metacognition? We are bringing together the UK’s leading expert practitioners and researchers to show you why metacognition is so important and how we can teach it to our pupils.

19th May | Edinburgh

1st July | London

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