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Make real, long-term change to learning with a sustainable implementation strategy that works for you

Quite simply, if students have ineffective learning strategies they will struggle to make progress. Students and teachers require a shared understanding of what an effective learner is. This is to make sure they are working towards an achievable and productive goal.

Developing Metacognitive Learners is geared towards implementing high-impact changes in your school’s approach to teaching and learning.

It works to;

  • Build collective teacher efficacy
  • Encourage student self-efficacy
  • Establish a shared language of learning
  • Set out explicit learning strategies to teach students
  • Improve students’ deep motivation

With so much information floating around educational spheres about quick fixes and tricks to boost results, it is easy to become distracted from real solutions by exciting but empty promises.

Make real, long-term change with a sustainable implementation strategy that capitalises on the approaches that suit you most.

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