Mindfulness: The Educator's Guide

  • A toolkit for teaching Mindfulness
  • Key implementation points in your school
  • How to know when and where Mindfulness develops
  • Use Mindfulness to improve student and staff wellbeing

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Mindfulness in practice

Research and evidence of impact

Case studies and best practice

Curriculum entry points

How to train staff and pupils in Mindfulness

Mindfulness and SMSC

Experience Mindfulness training first hand

Unpick techniques to make everyone more Mindful

Theory into practice: what you need to know

A toolkit for Mindfulness practice

  • Practical Mindfulness techniques:
    • 6 Mind Anchors
    • 6 Mind Metaphors
    • Mindful Moving
    • Breathe Here & Now
  • Language of Mindfulness
  • Curriculum enrichment ideas

How to measure the impact of Mindfulness

  • Individual practice
  • Impact on school ethos and results