Mindsets Courses

How to embed growth mindsets in schools and classrooms.
Put Carol Dweck’s mindsets theory into practice
Unpick how growth mindsets can increase the achievement of:

  • Students
  • Staff
  • Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ grades

Fixed and growth mindsets and how they affect learning
Four decades of Carol Dweck’s research
Grasp the difference between learning and performance

Mindsets in the classroom
Practical classroom activities that will develop:

  • Pupil resilience
  • Independence
  • Persistence
  • Intellectual risk-taking

Mindsets growth for different groups:

  • G&T
  • SEN
  • Disaffected
  • Boys and girls

The use of praise and feedback to influence mindset
How to ethically experiment with challenge and failure
Making ‘must work harder’ meaningful to pupils.

Practical tools to use in your school

  • Techniques to measure the mindset of pupils – and teachers
  • Tips for parent engagement
  • How to lift aspirations to the highest level
  • Case studies

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