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Tools and techniques to promote growth mindset habits and transform the culture of your school

The Osiris Mindsets Programme can transform the culture of your school through your mindset-focused Research Team. It will provide your teachers, managers and teaching assistants with tools and techniques to promote growth mindset habits and attitudes across your school.

Not only will this enrich your learning environment, but it will also build the stepping stones to success beyond the school years into further study and employment.

OMP will help your school;

  • Nurture independent, resilient learning
  • Accelerate the process of change
  • Raise student and teacher aspirations
  • Encourage learners to take on challenges
  • Foster motivation and collaboration
  • Support progress and achievement

The benefits of OMP are far-reaching; it is applicable to all curriculum areas and all key stages.

OMP can also impact positively on staff relationships, fostering collaborative learning for the team, and building collective teacher efficacy.

At the end of an OMP, schools are in a position to use their learning to implement changes to whole-school policy, practice and curriculum.

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