This is Osiris Digital, the latest in cutting-edge school development tools. Tailor-made for all of your staff; from the support team all the way through to senior leadership.

Fully online, and designed for accessibility, this platform makes in-school training engaging, controllable, and community driven like nothing before it.

Osiris Digital is the next step in CPD. Bring it to your school, and thrive together, today.

Osiris Digital is ready-made and scalable for every learning institution, large or small, primary or secondary. On this platform you can:

  1. Choose and host your training from a wide selection of different subject areas, including:
    1. A range of mandatory training from TA through to QTS
    2. The latest in teaching pedagogy
    3. Management training and coaching for middle and senior leadership
  2. Build bespoke training schedules for every member of staff or department
  3. Delegate and assign training coaches and mentors to assist learning
  4. Live monitor, assess and feedback on individual progress
  5. Grow a community spirit of learning and development with online spaces dedicated to:
    1. Hosting videos of your teachers demonstrating learning
    2. Giving live feedback on test responses and videos
    3. Communal and individual assessment

Book a free demonstration now to see Osiris Digital in action.