You want to improve teaching quality in your school, but how can you make sure change is consistent and sustained?  

The Osiris Teaching Intervention is the most effective way to accelerate the quality of learning and teaching in your school, by ensuring immediate and sustained changes in classroom practice.

OTI takes the guesswork out of teacher growth by using a range of techniques, assessments and feedback, designed to create long-term, measurable changes to teaching;

  • Design avoids cognitive overload
  • Video recording for improved analysis and future planning
  • Risk taking and experimentation to encourage innovative thinking
  • Shared pedagogical thinking and language between teachers
  • Immediate feedback for immediate impact
  • Coaching to help teachers feel empowered
  • Deep conversations about teacher expertise

Individual Training Needs Analysis

Identify your current strengths, weaknesses and teaching level, and let us design a training plan that works around you.

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Whole School Training Needs Analysis

What are the next steps on your school’s journey to Outstanding? Identify your short and long-term priorities and allow us to build a powerful training package for success.

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To find out more about Osiris Teaching Intervention, please contact 01790 753 987 or email