Day Courses

These two tried-and tested day courses never fail to impress. Brought to you by Andy Griffith and Mark Burns, you are sure to have an insightful day, packed with ideas to help you improve teaching standards for yourself, your school and your pupils.

Outstanding Teaching – A must see course for all teachers wishing to improve

Embedding Outstanding teaching – for leaders wanting to embed outstanding teaching throughout their school

Outstanding Teaching

See exactly what outstanding teaching looks like, and unpick the key steps to getting there.

Develop motivated, independent, insightful learners with the help of Andy Griffith’s expertise. Take away a wealth of strategies to increase engagement, motivation and challenge.

  • Ofsted’s new Outstanding defined
  • New ways to challenge every pupil
  • Tools to show progress to Ofsted



Embedding Outstanding Teaching

Reaching “Outstanding” in one classroom is a significant achievement. Your job as an ambitious, dedicated school leader is to embed those good practices in every lesson in your school. Embedding Outstanding Teaching is the complete toolkit for leading the development of outstanding practice in your whole school.

From building confidence and achieving buy-in to the day-to-day steps you need to take, this is the only whole-school improvement course you will ever need. Identify each teacher’s strengths and nurture their development with Andy Griffith and Mark Burns’ proven, motivational and exciting approach.

  • Proven process – Wolverhampton University Research
  • Impact – Measurable outcomes
  • Infects – Teacher by teacher across the school
  • Builds trust – Teachers love it