P4C: Philosophy for Children

  • How one hour of P4C per week can accelerate progress by two months over the school year
  • Ways to embed the enquiry process into any subject
  • Practical examples for using:
    • facilitation
    • deep questioning
    • critical thinking skills
    • pupil voice
Will Ord

Will Ord

Date: 14th Mar 2019

Will is an outstanding trainer with a worldwide reputation for excellence. He specialises in thinking skills and philosophy for children. His bank of experience and unique blend of charm and rigour will equip you with skills to lead your schools to deeper levels of engagement.

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What the research says about the impact of P4C

Unpick EEF research findings

Reveal how P4C:

  • is cost effective 

  • improves writing, reading & maths

  • improves results of disadvantaged pupils 

Understand how P4C improves more than attainment:

  • communication skills

  • self-esteem

  • behaviour 

  • respect and understanding

  • social responsibility

  • reflective thinking


A guide to embed P4C for all seasons and subjects

Embrace failure as integral to learning

Plan learning risks and explore teaching practices

Generate a shared vision of P4C in the curriculum

Explore and amplify pupil voice


The toolkit to stretch mental dexterity

  • 12 practical tips to advance listening skills

  • 10 ideas for getting great thinking going

  • Key techniques for converting 'chat' into 'dialogue'

  • Class and whole school approaches to embedding P4C

  • Use the Learning Puit to challenge all abilities

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£349 + VAT

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