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  • Assessment Conference 2019

    • Cut your assessment data in half
    • Ofsted, assessment and data in 2019
    • Assessment updates: the best-practice guide
    • Low-prep, high-impact assessment solutions
    • Design the perfect assessment system
    • Turn assessment into a powerful learning event
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  • How to Account for Pupil Premium

    • Ensure you are meeting your legal duties: 
      • publish pupil premium online 
      • build evidence 
    • Clarify duties under the latest Ofsted framework: 
      • evidence of gaps narrowing
      • accountability 
    • How to spend funding to maximise impact
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  • Primary Turnaround

    • How to move your school up one Ofsted Level 
    • A model template to change your:
      • culture
      • systems
      • individuals
    • Practical leadership actions to excel under tough new Floor Standards (65%)
    • An evidence kit to show your success to inspectors
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  • Proof of Progress

    • Be 100% sure your chosen assessment approach supports year-on-year progress
    • Have a clear understanding of key performance measures
    • Simple, levels-free tracking systems that show:
      • what a student can and can’t do
      • crucial next steps
    • New, time-smart ways to collect and use data
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  • Uncertainty and System Change: What to do now

    • Leave with a clear and cogent plan for thriving under the new age of LA-free leadership
    • Address the three biggest leadership dilemmas:
      • accountability
      • policy overload
      • sustainability
    • See workable, world-researched sessions on:
      • securing accountability
      • embedding change
      • leading learning 
      • becoming a system player
      • collaboration
    • Reduce bureaucracy and increase autonomy
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