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  • Instructional Leadership Conference 2017

    • Focusing leaders on what matters most: learner progression
    • Learn how instructional leadership can have up to FOUR times the impact of transformational leadership
    • Strategies, actions and behaviours to successfully lead improvement
    • Practical sessions to develop your leadership toolkit:
      • Impact teams
      • Collective efficacy (Hattie’s New #1)
      • Open to learning
      • Models of learning
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  • Leadership Conference Day 2 - The Leadership Challenges of 2016-2017

    • Navigate the new frameworks to lead effectively in the current policy climate
    • Best practices for:
      • determining a leadership strategy
      • translating policy into practice
      • demonstrating 'Oustanding' leadership to Ofsted
    • Hear from educational policy heavyweights such as:
      • Sir David Carter - National Schools Comissioner
      • Russell Hobby - General Secretary of the NAHT
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  • Measuring Teacher Effectiveness

    • The most practical model to observe and evaluate teacher effectiveness
    • Be clear on what evidence Ofsted needs
    • Tools to update accountability processes:
      • Performance Related Pay
      • Appraisals
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  • New Headteacher Standards 2015

    • Key accountability changes for 2015 explained:
      • System leadership 
      • Financial management 
      • Child protection and safeguarding
    • The impact on:
      • Appraisals 
      • Performance management
      • Capability procedures 
      • External collaborations
    • A toolkit to evidence success to Ofsted & governors
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  • What the Best Schools Know and Do with Prof. John Hattie

    • Discover the impact of the world’s most powerful education research
    • Examine how Visible Learning research is transforming the way we think about school improvement
    • Collective Efficacy: Find out about the new No.1 impact on student learning
    • Leave with a framework for collaboration that can triple the speed of learning
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