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  • How to Design a Richer, Deeper Primary English Curriculum

    • How the mastery model can fuel progress in KS1 and KS2
    • Rethink differentiation to meet the tough demands of:
      • pupils’ needs
      • the National Curriculum
      • Ofsted
      • SATs/teacher assessment
    • Open the doors to mastery with:
      • ideas to boost original writing
      • advice on exciting reading journeys
      • quality visuals for unusual, high-class writing
      • rich literacy texts, prose and poetry, for all ages and learners
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  • Maths Leader: How to be Outstanding

    • Organise your job role and create a clear model of subject improvement
    • 6-part model for transforming mathematics in your department and school
    • Receive a maths leader toolbox
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  • Teaching the Most Able

    • New research and evidence
    • The 5 most common mistakes and how to overcome them
    • Take away a PROVEN PROGRAMME based on international best practice
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  • The High-Challenge Classroom

    • How to fully engage with Ofsted’s challenge focus: 
      • challenge before acceleration 
      • ensuring students ‘grapple’ and encounter failure
      • evidencing that work isn’t too easy 
    • Proven new ways to ensure challenge levels are continually just ahead of skill levels
    • A busy teacher’s toolkit:
      • planning
      • schemes of work
      • assessment
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  • The Learning Power Approach (LPA)

    • Finding the true purpose of education
    • Building strong and supple minds
    • Moving beyond mark-driven performance
    • Results – the right way! Teaching that boosts achievement and builds epistemic character
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