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  • Early identification and intervention for SEND pupils

    • Meet the growing demands for SEND in Early Years:
      • SEND Code of Practice
      • Ofsted inspection
      • Early Years Pupil Premium
    • Audit your current SEN policy and update it in line with current thinking
    • Leave with essential techniques to:
      • identify pupils who may have SEND
      • intervene early to support pupils 
      • train your staff
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  • How to train High-impact TAs

    • Address current demands for better use of TAs:
      • Ofsted
      • SEN Code of Practice
      • Pupil Premium
    • How to measure and maximise the impact of TAs using Hattie’s Visible Learning™
    • A complete toolkit to deploy TAs to maximum potential to:
      • raise attainment
      • accelerate progress 
      • reduce teacher workload
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  • Memory

    • The science of memory:
      • Discover which teaching methods ensure maximum retention and recall
    • Learning by heart:
      • The latest learning about making a positive change to your pupils’ ability to remember
    • The art of memory:
      • How actors remember their lines, and techniques from classical Greece and Rome
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  • Visible Learning: The Year of Young People

    • Discover the impact of the world’s most powerful education research
    • Examine how Visible Learning research is transforming the way we think about school improvement
    • Visible Learners: find out how to build learning capacity in all young people
    • Leave with an understanding of the research that ensures young people achieve beyond expectations
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