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  • A 'High Challenge, Low Threat' School Culture

    • Create the conditions for productive work
    • Use principles of high challenge, low threat to:
      • drive whole-school improvement
      • allow colleagues to combat difficult issues
    • Leadership challenges: explore how the best leaders in the world overcome them
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  • KS2 SATs – Reading

    • Reflect on results and prepare for the future
    • Fresh ideas to teach and show mastery in reading
    • An action plan for success throughout the year
    • Techniques to improve the core reading skills:
      • Retrieving & recording information
      • Summarising
      • Making inferences
      • Making comparisons
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  • Leadership Conference 2019

    • Learn how instructional leadership can have up to FOUR times the impact of transformational leadership
    • Practical sessions to develop your leadership toolkit:
      • Impact teams
      • Collective efficacy (Hattie’s New #1)
      • Open to learning
      • Models of learning
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  • Mastery Teaching in Primary: a whole school approach

    • Prepare for Ofsted’s new focus on Mastery Teaching
    • Why Mastery Teaching is essential in 2017:
      • links to KS1 and KS2 performance descriptors
      • tough National Curriculum demands
    • How to embed this approach into everyday teaching
    • Design a scheme of work that leads to mastery of the topic in all subjects
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  • The Learning Revolution with Professor John Hattie

    How to use learning as the central focus of school improvement and revolutionise your practice.

    • Examine how to put pedagogy at the centre of everything you do
    • The secrets to accelerate progress by up to 300%
    • The NEW golden triangle and how to catch it
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