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  • Leadership Conference 2019

    • Learn how instructional leadership can have up to FOUR times the impact of transformational leadership
    • Practical sessions to develop your leadership toolkit:
      • Impact teams
      • Collective efficacy (Hattie’s New #1)
      • Open to learning
      • Models of learning
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  • The Learning Revolution with Professor John Hattie

    How to use learning as the central focus of school improvement and revolutionise your practice.

    • Examine how to put pedagogy at the centre of everything you do
    • The secrets to accelerate progress by up to 300%
    • The NEW golden triangle and how to catch it
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  • The Perfect Deputy Head

    • Get to grips with 2019 issues:
      • inspection uncertainty
      • no assessment levels
      • tougher accountability
      • recruitment worries
    • Models that out-perform all others when it comes to:
      • tackling difficult conversations
      • leading staff
    • Strategies to enhance your performance
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  • Transforming Teaching

    The Authoritative Guide to Transform Teaching
    • Three essential crafts for better teaching
      • Building trust
      • Clarity in instruction
      • Teaching for memory
    • Ensure vital practices are used to avoid toxic teaching
    • How to ensure all CPD is sustainable and meaningful
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