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  • Annual Teaching and Learning Conference 2019

    • Practical guidance on metacognition and self-regulation
    • How to create assessment capable learners in your school
    • Metacognitive tools for instant classroom implementation
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  • Assessment beyond Levels

    • A mastery assessment system that:
      • tracks pupils’ depth and understanding 
      • shows that National Standards have been met or mastered
      • makes data collection manageable
    • How to use this system with:
      • new test and teacher assessments
      • latest accountability measures
    • An implementation plan to embed this model:
      • department/key stage level
      • school-wide
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  • Dr Bill Rogers' Managing the Challenging Class

    • How to re-establish yourself with a hard class
    • Practical strategies for promoting co-operative behaviour 
    • Techniques for managing challenging behaviour so every child can progress in lessons
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  • Leading Outstanding Secondary Literacy

    • Prepare for Ofsted’s literacy focus
    • Take away a two-year model template proven to lead to Outstanding literacy results
    • Use literacy across the curriculum to succeed with:
      • 100% examinations
      • life without levels
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  • Lower Set Teaching with Impact

    • How to develop your teaching to have an impact on student outcomes
    • Hands-on ideas to motivate unwilling learners
    • Practical strategies for:
      • developing Invisible Classroom Management
      • building Growth Mindsets 
      • maximising Teaching Assistants
      • raising attainment
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