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  • Assessment Conference 2019

    • Cut your assessment data in half
    • Ofsted, assessment and data in 2019
    • Assessment updates: the best-practice guide
    • Low-prep, high-impact assessment solutions
    • Design the perfect assessment system
    • Turn assessment into a powerful learning event
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  • Transforming Teaching

    The Authoritative Guide to Transform Teaching
    • Three essential crafts for better teaching
      • Building trust
      • Clarity in instruction
      • Teaching for memory
    • Ensure vital practices are used to avoid toxic teaching
    • How to ensure all CPD is sustainable and meaningful
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  • Visible Learning Plus Foundation Day: What the Best Schools Know and Do with Professor John Hattie

    Discover the impact of the world's most powerful education research 
    • Examine how Visible Learning research is transforming the way we think about school improvement
    • Collective Efficacy: Find out about the new No.1 impact on student learning
    • Leave with a framework for collaboration that can triple the speed of learning
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