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  • Developing a Mindfull School

    • Use research-based techniques for emotional regulation
    • Equip students to successfully manage stress and anxiety
    • Improve well-being: improve focus and learning outcomes
    • Facilitate a positive, optimistic whole-school environment
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  • Getting Children to Apply Phonics to Writing

    • 3 key steps to improve writing scores in KS1 and KS2 tests
    • Get children to apply their phonics knowledge in all subjects
    • Assessment resources and lesson activities to use with all 

      year groups from tomorrow
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  • Planning in the Moment

    • Learn to work in the moment with young children
    • Clear guidelines on the role of the adult
    • Discover a new way of working that will still deliver the required outcomes
    • Understand why child-initiated play, planned in the moment, will deliver the best possible outcomes
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