Excellence in Leadership of Learning is the long awaited learning programme for leaders that develops the whole leadership team to raise teaching quality.

Developed by the lead presenters of the award-winning Osiris Teaching Intervention, Excellence in Leadership of Learning targets raising teaching and learning quality by crystallising on the insights and experience of leaders across the country.

By providing everyone with a shared focus on the tools and processes most likely to improve teacher quality, this programme has the power to drive progress in whole-school attainment and close any and all gaps through effective learning.

ETLoL will equip your whole team with practical strategies to;

  • Boost attainment across the school
  • Design effective learning
  • Ensure accurate self-perception
  • Deepen collaborative dialogue
  • Create transparency about quality
  • Generate long-lasting improvement

Get below the surface to the hidden process of teacher development and deconstructs present practice through the eyes of learning.

For any enquiries about ETLoL, call our friendly team on 01790 753 987  or email inset@osiriseducational.co.uk.