Digital Leadership

Culture, clarity and creativity in leadership with Phil Badham

Overview of the course

3 webinars over a week that will give you a complete guide on how to build educational technology into your long-term strategy.

The sessions will cover the following topics:

  • Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL)
  • Technology in the curriculum
  • Digital experiences, digital outcomes, digital efficacy
Dates & Locations
  • 27 Jul 2020 9:00am, 29 Jul 2020 9:00am and 31 Jul 2020 9:00am | Webinar

This course is made up of 3 webinars on the dates listed above. If you cant make one or two, don’t worry, they will all be recorded and made available to you.

Delegate Rate

$110.43 + VAT

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Delivered by

Phil Badham

Phil is an experienced educational consultant, speaker, and former English teacher.  A popular trainer for the ‘Outstanding Teaching’ programme’s courses and interventions, he is regularly praised by teachers and leaders for his approachability, high-energy training, professionalism and passion for education.

by Phil Badham


Webinar 1: Navigating a new Landscape for Technology-Enhanced Learning (Culture)

  • Promote a successful culture around digital technologies
  • Plan with drive and momentum to support teachers, provide clarity for middle leaders, and ensure consistency of vision and buy-in from senior leaders
  • Understand the threats and opportunities for technology-enhanced learning
  • Navigate the common obstacles to progress, and champion effective use of technology

27th July 2020, 9:00am


Webinar 2: Digital Learning and the Curriculum: Towards a Learning Model for your School (Clarity)

  • Communicate a shared vision for its significance to the school as a fundamental form of literacy in the modern world
  • Technology in the Curriculum: Intent, Implementation and Impact
  • Provide clarity of purpose and justification for a digital learning strategy

29th July 2020, 9:00am


Webinar 3: Digital Experiences, Digital Outcomes, Digital Efficacy (Creativity)

  • Learn the fundamental principles of using educational technologies in the classroom and beyond
  • Use essential techniques, tools and approaches to ‘adapt and adopt’ into all classes and roles
  • Engage students with modern literacies, enrich outcomes, and embed authentic learning experiences
  • Model best practices for digital technologies to help structure lesson activities, deepen learning, augment feedback, engage and challenge students and encourage independent learning skills

31st July 2020, 9:00am


All of the webinars will be recorded and made available to you in case you cant make one of them.


This course is aimed at Senior Leaders, Digital Strategy Leaders and Directors of Learning

Additional information


27th July 2020




Osiris Webinar

Presenter Phil Badham
Key Stage

Primary, Secondary


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