Total Quality Teaching In the Classroom

A proven process to shoot up an Ofsted level

Overview of the course
  • Aligned with the NEW education inspection framework
  • Receive a practical model for all teachers that ensure total quality teaching in every lesson
  • Cut your workload and achieve better outcomes
  • Discover the ‘BIG FOUR’ areas of high-quality teaching and learning.


This course is suitable for: Classroom Teachers and Department Heads.

Dates & Locations
  • 16th March 2020 | Liverpool
  • 27th March 2020 | London
  • 1st April 2020 | Glasgow

First Delegate Rate

£299.00 + VAT

Additional Delegates

£279.00 + VAT

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Delivered by

Andy Griffith

Andy is a nationally acclaimed, award-winning educational trainer, consultant and writer. He co-developed the Outstanding Teaching Intervention, that has helped numerous schools transform the quality of teaching and learning and helped them achieve Outstanding.

by Andy Griffith

Mark Burns

Mark Burns is co-author of the best selling book ‘Engaging Learners’. He has a proven track record of improving teaching in both primary and secondary schools nationwide. Mark’s training combines his insatiable enthusiasm, humour and thought-provoking style with innovative, practical tools for teachers and school leaders.

by Mark Burns


Use total quality teaching to exceed the latest Ofsted demands:

A rigorous, knowledge-rich curriculum

The three Is:
– intent – implementation – impact

The 90% interactive course that really ‘walks the talk’

Identify the four key areas that great teachers have mastered:

  • autonomy

  • feedback

  • challenge

  • engagement

Make the shift from encountering knowledge to remembering knowledge
Develop more confident, independent learners
Planning lesson sequences backwards from desired outcomes
Recognise the best forms of extrinsic and intrinsic motivation
Get learners to think harder through stretch and challenge techniques

Learn the secrets of how high-impact teachers operate

Develop teaching through video analysis and self-critique
Become an expert at both giving and receiving feedback
How to model and explain effectively
Lay the foundations for a successful teaching career – be a better learner
and establish the right work-life balance

Delegates receive

Delegates receive:
Teaching Backwards methodology
40 ways to improve teacher performance
A free copy of the Teaching Backwards book
Online post-course support
Delegate file including CPD certificate

Additional information

Course Type

Teaching & Learning


16th March 2020, 1st April 2020, 20th May 2020, 27th March 2020, 28th January 2020, 4th December 2019


Glasgow, Liverpool, Liverpool HS, London, London HS, Perth


Avonmouth House, Venue to be confirmed up to 4 weeks in advance

Presenter Andy Griffith, Mark Burns
Key Stage

Primary, Secondary


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