Leading on Learning

Moving from pandemic teaching to Virtual Learning with Dr Peter DeWitt

Overview of the course

3 webinars over a week that will give you a complete guide on how lead on learning.

The sessions will cover the following topics:

  • Instructional Leadership
  • Explore the research around learning during a pandemic
  • How to create practice from theory
Dates & Locations

Unfortunately, this course isn’t running at the moment. But, you can still run it in your school! Call 01790 755783 to find out more.

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Unfortunately, this course isn’t running at the moment. But, you can still run it in your school! Call 01790 755783 to find out more.

Delivered by

Peter DeWitt

Dr Peter DeWitt is a former headteacher, Visible Learning trainer and acclaimed author. He offers international insight into collaborative leadership, inclusive school climates and connected learning.

by Peter DeWitt


Webinar 1: Virtual Instructional Leadership: How to create practice from theory during a Pandemic

School communities have been rocked by pandemic teaching and learning. It has been a complicated time to focus on academic learning, at the same time so many struggle with social-emotional stressors of what is happening in the world. After two months of going through the five stages of grief and finding that this is our new normal for into the autumn term, there is no better time for leaders to focus on instructional leadership and take their schools from pandemic teaching to virtual learning. In this session, Peter DeWitt, will utilise the research he has been doing during the pandemic which includes the survey results from hundreds of students, teachers and parents, and providing those findings through the lens of 6 key categories of instructional leadership.

13th July 2020, 14:00pm


Webinar 2: Using a Program Logic Model during Covid-19

Teachers and leaders are working so hard right now to engage students in pandemic learning. Despite teaching through a virtual format from their kitchen tables and couches, teachers are trying to bring students some sort of normalcy during a very complicated time. As this pandemic teaching experience continues into the autumn, what should schools do to engage students in more meaningful ways that can help develop independence and foster deeper learning? Peter will guide participants through a program logic model so they can use their own evidence to understand where to start making deeper changes to the learning experiences of students.

15th July 2020, 14:00pm


Webinar 3:  TBA

Full information on this session is coming soon.

17th July 2020, 14:00pm


All of the webinars will be recorded and made available to you in case you cant make one of them.


This course is aimed at Head Teachers, MAT/TSA Leaders, SLT and Instructional Coaches

Additional information


13th July 2020





Presenter Peter DeWitt
Key Stage

Primary, Secondary


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