R(S)HE 2020

High-quality relationships (and sex) and health education for leaders and teachers (Primary)

Overview of the course
  • How to be inspection-ready

  • What is, and isn’t, ‘sex education’ in primary schools

– What does it involve?
– Parental expectations and concerns
–  Auditing provision
– What are the local issues?
  • Assessment and progress in R(S)HE learning

Dates & Locations
  • 19th June 2020 | London

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Delivered by

John Rees

John is a very experienced and highly regarded trainer who is passionately committed to the personal development of children and young people. He has developed and managed numerous research programmes on PSHE and has redesigned work experience programmes and improved PSHE curriculums throughout the country.

by John Rees



Know the guidance in 2020

Up-to-date DfE and Ofsted requirements
Key areas of judgement:
– Behaviour and attitudes – Personal development
Leadership styles and policy development
Pedagogy and assessment policies


Step-by-step guide to implementing high-quality R(S)HE

Audit existing provision to ensure compliance
Understand all current and future needs of your pupils
Identify curriculum content that is relevant and developmental
Build an emotionally safe learning environment
Train your team; how to get R(S)HE CPD right
Ensure rigorous and effective assessment procedures
Monitor progress
Communicate and engage with parents and carers


The journey to Outstanding R(S)HE

Curriculum content, key themes and how to cover them
Ensuring R(S)HE supports attainment and achievement
Getting the right pedagogy for R(S)HE to ensure it makes an impact
Assessment procedures
How to evidence and monitor progress
Policy guidance
Age-appropriate activities to take away and use immediately

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19th June 2020




Venue to be confirmed up to 4 weeks in advance

Presenter John Rees
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