Understanding Girl Bullying and Reducing its Impact on Student Well-being

Explore the impact on attainment, achievement, social, emotional and mental well-being

Overview of the course
  • Identify the motivations that drive girl bullying

  • Manage conflicts between girls that trigger:

    • Social exclusion

    • Rumour spreading

    • Humiliation

    • Harassment

    • Alienation

  • Recognise and deal with new trends and patterns

Dates & Locations
  • 19th June 2020 | London

First Delegate Rate

£289.00 + VAT

Additional Delegates

£269.00 + VAT

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Delivered by

Sam Littlemore

Dr Sam Littlemore has more than twenty years’ experience of working extensively with children and young people who have emotional and behavioural problems.  As a Chartered Psychologist, her focus is on welfare, safeguarding and behaviour change.  She has worked as a teacher in a Secondary school and Psychology Lecturer at Nottingham Trent and Keele University.

by Sam Littlemore


Unpick the intricacies of girl bullying

Identify the difference between teasing and bullying

Recognise the power play of the girl bully:

  • Peer support
  • Social hierarchy
  • Ostracism

Examine the ‘fall-out’ and ‘collateral’ of girl bullying

New bullying trends and how to deal with them

Psychological damage of online bullying behaviours

How boys and girls differ

Effects on the bullied and the school

Individual and whole-school anti-bullying strategies

A complete practical anti-bullying toolkit for:

  • Empowering the bullied

  • Disempowering bullies

  • Increasing support to help students cope

  • Focus on whole-school engagement

Delegates receive

Case studies and whole-school anti-bullying policies

Strategies for:

Team building

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Online post-course support

Delegate file including CPD certificate

Additional information

Course Type

Behaviour & Pastoral

Job Title

Assistant Head Teacher, Deputy Head, Subject Head, Subject Teacher

Key Stage

Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, Secondary


19th June 2020




Venue to be confirmed up to 4 weeks in advance

Presenter Sam Littlemore


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