This intense one-day focus programme will add strategy and impact to your School Improvement Plan.

It is hard to see the longer-term picture during such uncertain times. Our highly experienced consultants will help your Senior Leaders design, build and implement a rigorous and strategic plan for sustained improvement across your school.

Using the Osiris Insight to Impact Framework, shared clarity and high impact models you will be able to drive your school towards its goals with a robust School Improvement Plan. This is the fast track to enhancing your senior leadership.

Get in touch now and Stress Test your SIP.

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Leave this day with:

  • A high-impact model for professional learning
  • Rigorous implementation tools
  • Clarity on impact and how to measure it
  • Medium to long-term strategic plans

Whole School Benefits:

  • Build from existing strengths
  • Bring clarity around key messages
  • Build relational trust and ensure whole-school confidence
  • Achieve lasting gains
  • Raise expectations of all staff and pupils
  • Keep parents and governors on side.