Visible Learning+ Case Studies

Wolgarston High School

Wolgarston High School started their Visible Learning journey in 2014 when they identified a need to strengthen pupil outcomes, leadership and whole-school focus. Their journey focused deeply on the use of robust evidence to inform their work at every level and supported them in shifting their focus from teaching to learning. Learner autonomy improved significantly as they embedded highly effective strategies for feedback and supported students in developing a language for thinking through SOLO Taxonomy.

An Daras Multi-Academy Trust

An Daras Multi-Academy Trust began their Visible Learning journey in 2016, becoming an accredited Visible Learning Partner School in 2019. Successfully implementing VL accross the whole MAT, An Daras is one of Visible Learning’s biggest success stories. With a focus on Assessment Capable Learners, the pupils accross the An Daras MAT now have a ‘can do’ attitude and are able to take ownership of their learning.

Fielding Primary School

Visible Learning ensured that Fielding Primary School became highly successful in embedding a shared language of learning across their school. They established a deep understanding of the learning process with students actively engaged in the process. FPS moved from Ofsted ‘Good’ to ‘Outstanding’ and they attribute their effectiveness and high impact to their engagement with and implementation of the Visible Learning principles.

Durdan’s Park Primary School

Durdan’s Park Primary School had historically been successful in driving improvements in teaching and learning but they were ambitious in their vision to strengthen it further. They embarked upon the Visible Learning programme in order to build upon their previous success and engage with improvements in a coherent way through the Visible Learning framework. They significantly improved the active engagement of their learners in the learning process, building assessment-capability with a highly positive impact on outcomes.

St Hugh’s School

St hugh's school logo

St Hugh’s were eager to deepen their understanding of their impact they were having on pupil achievement as well as build the capacity of learners to drive their own learning. Their highly successful Visible Learning journey focused on the development of learning dispositions so that pupils had high clarity around how to be effective learners and structured systems for teacher to assess and track progress. Each of these focus areas were successfully developed ensuring they achieved their aspiration of supporting and challenging all pupils effectively.