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An evidence-based approach that focuses on what really makes a difference

The Visible Learning+ Whole School Programme will transform your organisation, accelerating the process of individual and whole-school change. It does this by building the capacity of:

  • Learners to learn
  • Teachers to teach
  • Leaders to lead
  • Systems to improve

So what’s different about Visible Learning+?

For Leaders

  • Visible Learning+ focusses on diagnosis, intervention, implementation and evaluation
  • A practical inquiry model for school leaders to ask questions of themselves about the impact they are having on student achievement
  • Aligns systems and processes
  • Uses evidence so leaders can lead learning confidently
  • Strengthens evaluation and impact

For Teachers

  • Visible Learning+ shifts the focus from teaching to pupil learning
  • Impact data informs classroom practice at all stages
  • Professional inquiry ensures high impact strategies are implemented
  • Feedback to teachers on where to focus next is based upon pupil learning outcomes

For Pupils

  • Become assessment-capable, so that they can answer the three big questions: Where am I going? How am I doing? Where to next?
  • They develop an understanding of the learning process and strategies so that they ‘know what to do, when they don’t know what to do’
  • Their thirst for learning increases as they are equipped to embrace challenges, learn from error, seek feedback and have ownership of the learning process
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