Case Studies

See the useful downloads section on this page for the full Visible Learningplus case studies.

Wolgarston High School
Wolgarston High School first engaged with Visible Learning in 2014 at a time when they identified a need to strengthen pupil outcomes, leadership and whole-school focus. Their journey focused them deeply on the use of robust evidence to inform their work at every level and supported them in shifting their focus from teaching to learning. Learner autonomy improved significantly as they embedded highly effective strategies for feedback and supported students in developing a language for thinking through SOLO Taxonomy.

Fielding Primary School
Through their Visible Learning journey, Fielding Primary School were highly successful in embedded a shared language of learning across their school. A deep understanding of the learning process was established with students actively engaged in the process. FPS moved from Ofsted ‘Good’ to ‘Outstanding’ and they attribute their effectiveness and high impact to their engagement with and implementation of the Visible Learning principles.