Visible Learningplus translates the research of Professor John Hattie into a practical roadmap for implementation in the classroom and schoolwide.

Today, schools around the world use Visible Learningplus to examine their impact on student achievement and create innovation in the learning environment. There are many ways to engage with Visible Learningplus depending on your level of knowledge and experience with the professional learning model. Our Osiris certified consultants are here to help you customise your journey and support your progress each step of the way.

Where do I start?

Surface – Introductory level

Pre-Visible learning:
Conduct a book study, attend a Conference, book a Keynote Speaker, request a Needs Assessment.

Deep – In-school Development

Foundation Series:
Build a Foundation day, School leaders evidence gathering and action planning, teachers evidence gathering and classroom inquiry.


Visible Learningplus Programme:
Strategic School Development Plan, develop Impact Coaches, measure your baseline, design and implement a whole school program.