Professor John West-Burnham, co-author of Flipping Schools and leadership thinker joins Stephen Cox to imagine schools beyond the historic norms and the possibility of embracing radical and profound change.

This webinar is an opportunity to engage in strategic thinking as we emerge from the pandemic. The current focus is, properly, on the short-term but we also need second and third horizon perspectives to secure enduring, radical thinking moving from a school centred system to a learner centred community.

Webinar focus:

  • Securing equity
  • The school as a caring community
  • Democratising relationships – learner leadership
  • Learning as the core purpose
  • Fundamental challenges – climate change, AI

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About Professor John West-Burnham

Professor  is an independent writer, teacher and consultant in education leadership with a particular interest in leadership learning and development and innovative approaches to learning in schools and communities. He has been a schoolteacher, teacher trainer, education officer and has held posts in six universities. John is the author co-author or editor of 31 books including Understanding LeadershipLeadership for Tomorrow and Flipping Schools! He has worked in 27 countries from Iceland to New Zealand and Thailand to the USA. He is now an Honorary Professor at the University of Worcester and Visiting Professor at the University of Suffolk.