Professor Doug Fisher and Stephen Cox unpick the universal bespoke body parts of great teaching and learning: Face-to-face, online, distance and hybrid. 

This is a rare opportunity to hear from global education expert Professor Doug Fisher, who has unrivalled access to the underpinning research. 

Webinar focus:

  • Synchronous v.s asynchronous  
  • Pre-recorded and off timetable delivery
  • Teacher credibility and clarity
  • Group intelligence
  • Simultaneous learning
  • 14-day closure plan
  • Supporting all learners
  • Mindframes (pupils, teachers & leaders)
  • Quality assurance
  • Assessment in blended learning (knowing how and when students know)
  • Google ownership

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About Professor Doug Fisher

Professor Doug Fisher is one of America’s brightest minds in improving literacy, visible learning and school leadership. He is an award-winning educator and a prolific best-selling author of dozens of books on reading and literacy, differentiated instruction, resilience, and professional learning.