Outstanding Teaching

Dramatic improvement in 200 schools
- Independently proven to raise standards of teaching by 1 Ofsted level, this intensive training makes best-practice the norm.

— Proven to improve teaching by at least 1 Ofsted level

— Dramatic results in 10-12 weeks

— Creates a sustainable measurable impact across the whole school

— Enthuses/motivates teaching staff

Visible Learningplus

With Professor John Hattie’s Visible Learningplus - The Visible Learningplus Programme represents the largest ever evidence-based research into what actually works best in schools to improve learning.

— Maximise impact on learning and achievement

— Align your whole school; every leader, teacher, classroom and student

— Practical tools to measure progress in learning


Based on the research of Professor Carol Dweck, this programme places Growth Mindsets at the heart of whole-school policies and pedagogical practice changing the culture and language of teaching and learning.

— Tools and techniques to promote Growth Mindsets

— Builds the stepping stones to success beyond the school years

— Nurtures independent, autonomous learning