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Impact Teams

A one-year programme that empowers teachers and creates assessment-capable learners

Impact Teams is a one-year programme that creates the culture and conditions for every teacher every day to answer the question: “What is my impact?”

Impact Teams re-energise teacher teams to believe in their collective capacity to make a difference, to immediately and significantly increase not only student learning but also teacher learning.

What are impact teams?

Impact Teams are teams of educators that partner with students. They learn together to build professional capital. They scale up their expertise by focusing on critical learning goals, analysing evidence, and taking collective action.

The development and design of the model is based on extensive research that identifies the practices that maximise student learning (Hattie, 2009). Impact Teams operationalise nine influences that are proven to have the highest effect on student learning.

The model uses a simple but powerful 3-step protocol:

• Evidence • Analysis • Action

The protocol is universal and can be used in the classroom and in teacher and leadership team meetings at all levels

The core collaborative
Guide education
The Curriculum foundation


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