A 24 week programme to embed the skills and practice of metacognition in schools.

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What is the Metacognition Programme?

A 24 week programme to embed the skills and practice of metacognition in schools. Metacognition is understanding the process by which cognition takes place, where cognition is the acquisition and embedding of new knowledge. Metacognitive learners plan, monitor and evaluate their work and approach to learning independently and effectively. Research suggests metacognition carries an effect size of 0.6 (ref: Professor John Hattie) and disproportionally advantages struggling learners in whom it is less developed.

The Metacognition Programme is designed with the following professional learning objectives:

  • Understand what metacognition is and its role within the wider learning process
  • Know the research and schoolwide implementation strategies behind metacognition
  • Develop the use of high impact tools for the classroom
  • Enact a classroom culture where teachers and learners practice metacognition naturally

How is Metacognition Delivered?

The Metagognition Programme has 2 possible methods for delivery:

  1. To key staff who will then cascade to within their team.
  2. Directly to all teachers.

The course is completely bespoke and fully supported throughout using the following structure:

  • Baseline Assessment: To tailor course to unique starting points and context
  • Phase One: The individual enactment of metacognition in the classroom
  • Phase Two: The collective enactment across progressions and protocols
  • Fully supported: ongoing instructional coaching and online materials

The key active components are:

  • 90 Minute workshops (at a time to suit the school)
  • Baseline analysis to allow contextualisation
  • Evaluation report and work with SLT to help align supporting protocols
  • Knowledge and competency testing to prime learning
  • Practical strategies to assure easy user adoption
  • Collaborative Inquiry Cycles to embed metacognitive processes and strategies
  • One to one coaching support
  • Between session tasks to deliberately practice key components


Undertaken over
2-3 school terms

No. of

Up to 65 teachers
and 30 leaders


6 to 12


English, Maths
and beyond


£10,560 + VAT

Programme Structure

Baseline Assessment — half-day visit with SLT

To establish key starting points:

  •  on schools understanding of metacognition
  •  on what is already in place
  •  on desired impact to be achieve by the end of the process

Phase One — 3 x 90 minute workshops, 4-6 weeks apart

Workshop 1 and 2:

  •   Will explore what is meant by ‘metacognition’ and ‘self-regulation’
  •   Unpick the characteristics of the metacognitive learner
  •   Show how to teach students to plan, monitor and evaluate their learning

Workshop 3:

  •  Introduce a range of learning strategies
  •  Show how to teach them within the learning process

Phase Two — 3 sessions using a Collaborative Inquiry Cycle

  • Teachers will be introduced to the collaborative inquiry approach to support the implementation of metacognition in the classroom.
  • The focus of the enquiry will be based on reflections of their strengths and areas to develop.  They will then gather evidence via a variety of means, for example, student voice.  Evidence will be shared, challenges explored and peer feedback provided amongst the group.
  • This process will induce a deeper understanding of how metacognition supports the learning process for their pupils and builds support networks.

Online Support and One-to-one Coaching

All participants are supported by additional online materials and coaching through email and pre-booked meetings. This helps develop understanding, contextualisation and deepen practice.