Take part in the biggest ever global survey of student learning

The concept of a large scale, international survey of student learning grew out of the Trusts for Impact movement, which was formed from a core group of education leaders wanting to shape and value what we measure in education and not solely rely on examination performance and the acquisition of knowledge. In these challenging and changing times trusting our profession to make the right judgements about the right things is essential.

The starting point must be the pupils and their learning

From this basis, the founding members and extended group of Trusts for Impact co-created the narrative and learning survey over the last year using the research, student focus groups, iterative group discussions.

From the survey results we will build our own internal database and make properly informed decisions to improve learning and the life chances of our students. We can allow success to be measured over time in a defensible way. Globally we can define a new dashboard and a different discourse around learning.

Please join us and be part of the largest global survey of student learning ever


  • Submissions are now closed for phase one of The Learning Survey
  • Please register for phase two coming in September

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  • You will get your own school-level report once the survey closes
  • You will have contributed to a global database on pupil learning