Collective Leadership Programme

Excellence in Teaching through Leadership of Learning

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What is the Collective Leadership Programme (CLP)?

The Collective Leadership Programme (also known as Excellence in Teaching through Leadership of Learning) is the long awaited learning programme for leaders that develops the whole leadership team to raise teaching quality.

Developed by the lead presenters of the award-winning Osiris Teaching Intervention, Excellence in Leadership of Learning targets raising teaching and learning quality by crystallising on the insights and experience of leaders across the country.

By providing everyone with a shared focus on the tools and processes most likely to improve teacher quality, this programme has the power to drive progress in whole-school attainment and close any and all gaps through effective learning.

ETLoL will equip your whole team with practical strategies to;

  • Boost attainment across the school
  • Design effective learning
  • Ensure accurate self-perception
  • Deepen collaborative dialogue
  • Create transparency about quality
  • Generate long-lasting improvement

Get below the surface to the hidden process of teacher development and deconstructs present practice through the eyes of learning.

EtLoL Process

Why CLP?

For sustained learner progress, consistent teaching is key.

The problem is, teaching quality within a school is even more inconsistent than teaching between different schools.

Without a clear and shared understanding of how to affect teacher development, leaders cannot work towards tackling the blocks to improvement;

  • Relationship trust
  • Reality-perception gap
  • Cognitive load
  • ‘I’m already doing that’ syndrome

Unfortunately, teaching adults can be even more complicated than teaching children. So developing teacher practice in a sustainable way is far too complex for a simple solution. To truly make a difference to the overall quality of teaching, a bespoke programme for development is needed.

Built with the latest understanding of adult learner development, Excellence in Leadership of Learning is the only leadership programme focused on school improvement through adult learning.

It is a one size fits one model that will grow leadership capability and improve attainment across your school.

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How does the Collective Leadership Programme work?

Excellence in Leadership of Learning is a two-term on-site programme that engages the whole leadership team.

It uses five professional learning days of deep dialogue across the two terms to create the time and space needed to construct and implement action plans that ensure improvement in teaching and learning quality.

These days each tackle a foundational aspect of leadership;

  1. Deep dive- identifying starting points and unpicking protocols
  2. Shared clarity- prioritising to find time to focus on impact
  3. Relational Trust- the importance and effect of strong relationships at a leader, teacher and student level
  4. Accurate self-perception- closing the bias gap between self-perception and reality
  5. Effective learning design- leading learning for teachers

Alongside this, leaders also build Learning Portfolios to log and sustain their progress.

By the end of the programme the leadership team will have achieved absolute clarity on their next steps, as well as full instructional material to support ongoing development.

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Learn more about the Osiris Teaching Interventions from the expert consultants who will be implementing the Whole-School Improvement Programme in your school.  Explore the various Visible Learning webinars that we have hosted over the last couple of years.

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CLP coaches each have a wealth of experience in a range of contexts, subjects and phases. We have a passion for a world class education system for children across the country, regardless of background.