Speaker Summary

Mark Burns is co-author of the best selling book ‘Engaging Learners’. He has a proven track record of improving teaching in both primary and secondary schools nationwide. Mark’s training combines his insatiable enthusiasm, humour and thought-provoking style with innovative, practical tools for teachers and school leaders.

Areas of Expertise

Curriculum - Equity and Inclusion - Leadership and Management - Wellbeing

Full Profile

An acclaimed teaching and learning expert, best-selling author, and architect of the award-winning Osiris Teaching Intervention, Mark Burns has been directly involved in helping thousands of teachers and leaders in the UK and Ireland improve their professional standards. His pioneering work that aims to create long-term, measurable change in teachers and leaders at every level of education has a proven impact, as more than 40 schools in the UK have improved their inspection scores thanks to Mark, with many of these inspections officially noting his wise and practical influence.


  • Outstanding Teaching: Engaging Learners
  • Outstanding Teaching: Teaching Backwards
  • The Learning Imperative: Raising performance in organisations by improving learning