The Osiris Intervention Programme is authored by leading UK experts to enhance teaching practices in order to implement both student and teacher learning.

The programme is focused on improving the quality of teaching, with OTI trainers ensuring best practices are implemented and teachers are receiving measurable feedback. Coming into the classroom allows for expertise from the coaches, whilst considering your unique teaching style.

It is delivered by carefully selected and quality assured instructional coaches. Drawing on the best educational pedagogy; the three modules are at the heart of improvement, motivation, and impact.

The Modules

Each module is carried out bespoke to your needs. The trainer will always take into consideration your interaction with the class and your teaching style. No two classrooms are the same.


We help you see how your learners are engaging. Are they looking engaged but doodling? Are they staring out the window? As a teacher standing at the front of classroom it’s impossible for you to know who is doing what and when. This module will help you focus on engaging the different types of learners.


Reviewing your teaching style and methods becomes self-critical. Having a fresh pair of eyes, reviewing, not you as a teacher, but how you give feedback to your pupils, will create a culture of learning.  What will ensure they have understood and digested the lesson takeaway?


How do your students learn? How do they solve problems? This module puts the students through their paces and keeps them on their toes. How can you make sure the students are doing all the work and you’re not doing it for them? Focusing on problem solving, we look at the best way to challenge your pupils, increasing their learning ability.

The Osiris Teaching Intervention puts the focus back onto your students and the way they learn. Each coach ensures that each module is followed up and they are there throughout to provide support.

Take the first step for you and your school to be amazing learners. Join OTI.

Please download our guide to learn about the processes involved in an OTI and the outcomes that can be expected for yourself, your teachers and your school.

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Click below to watch a webinar with Andy Griffith, a nationally acclaimed, award-winning educational trainer, and OTI consultant.