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What is the Osiris Teaching Intervention (OTI)?

The Osiris Teaching Intervention is a school-based professional learning programme for teachers.  It accelerates the quality of learning and teaching by ensuring immediate and sustained changes in classroom practice.

Combining the latest research, instructional coaching, deliberate practice, video work and reflection, OTI is delivered in practical and easily adapted activities over a 12-16 week programme. It is equally effective using face-to-face or online and hybrid models. The programme is proven to work in all phases and teaching environments, adapting to your specific context.

OTI builds on what is already working well, then helps individual teachers identify their next steps towards increasing their impact. 

Why OTI is perfect for your school

The Osiris Teaching Intervention is the most effective way to accelerate the quality of learning and teaching in your school, by ensuring immediate and sustained changes in classroom practice.

OTI takes the guesswork out of teacher growth by using a range of techniques, assessments and feedback, designed to create long-term, measurable changes to teaching;

  • Bespoke design to avoid cognitive overload
  • Video recording to improve analysis and inform future planning
  • Experimentation to encourage innovative thinking
  • Shared pedagogical language between teachers
  • Expertise coaching to empower teachers 
  • Deep conversations to strengthen teacher expertise
  • Immediate feedback for immediate impact

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How does OTI work?

When you book the Osiris Teaching Intervention you will be assigned an expert instructional coach who will evaluate your schools’ needs and deliver OTI’s three modules of learning:

Module 1:

Practical strategies to ensure ALL pupils are engaged in learning ALL of the time. 

Module 2:

All teachers give feedback.  The models of feedback teachers use are unpicked and then rebuilt to ensure all feedback is powerful and acted upon.

Module 3:

Every learner is unique. To be stretched they need meaningful and timely challenges. Doing this with the whole class demands the practical strategies and forethought this module provides.

The three-module structure takes place over two terms, in cohorts of five or ten teachers. The programme is built around your school day, ensuring minimum disruption. Each module is explored and embedded in the same way:

Professional learning session

Every module starts with the whole cohort and our expert consultant outlining the theory.

Film and

Each teacher will be observed and filmed applying this new learning  to their own teaching practice.


Our expert will unpack each teachers practice and give instant pointers and  strategies for improvement.

Practise in the classroom

These new skills are taken back to the classroom. The impact is measured in every lesson for every student.

Each member of the cohort will receive written feedback, consisting of lesson commentary to identify strengths and areas for further development. 

The intervention concludes with an evaluation event where teachers unpick their personal journey.  They outline how they will integrate these new habits in their day-to-day teaching. 

Case Studies

Osiris Teaching Intervention was developed over a decade ago by Mark Burns, Andy Griffith and Stephen Cox.  It has been continually improved and adapted over the years to remain cutting edge.  Now successfully implemented in 100s of schools across the UK, it has proven success.




Free Webinars

Learn more about the Osiris Teaching Interventions from the expert consultants who will be implementing the Whole-School Improvement Programme in your school.  Explore the various Visible Learning webinars that we have hosted over the last couple of years.

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OTI coaches each have a wealth of experience in a range of contexts, subjects and phases. We have a passion for a first-class education system for children across the world.