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The Insight to Impact Framework

As part of our ongoing commitment to education, the Osiris team has recently launched the Insight to Impact Framework as part of our new Insight for Impact not for profit arm (Community Interest Company).

The framework is designed and based on robust evidence from school leaders and as a result, we have created a tool that is grounded in classroom practice.  It’s a way of Osiris giving back and summarises the key drivers in school language to really yield the highest impact possible in your school.

The framework is designed to support you in your improvement journey as a school, showing progression and with a specific focus on:

  • Pedagogy – enacting your curriculum in the classroom
  • Leadership
  • Implementation and evaluation.

It is about making learning happen, focusing on a pedagogical lens and an empowering model.

The framework is designed to be used as a tool by individual schools or a group of schools. It can be used by the headteacher, senior leadership team or a group of staff. It provides you with an empowering language to use to support consistency. You can baseline, excel and identify next steps. It is written to be in line with other national accountability frameworks, but is formative and developmental, not judgemental.

When can the framework be used?

As a

Identify where you think your team or department is and which aspects do you agree or disagree about and why. This will assist in determining suggestions about what should be prioritised next.

As an

Establish where each of you think your school is and which aspects do leaders have different views about and why. This enables you to work out how those findings compare to your strategic plans.

As a
Whole School

Establish how the views of teaching staff, middle leaders and senior leaders compare and what insights this provides. Workout how these relate to your development priorities and strategic direction.

As a

Compare schools within your group and find common strengths, areas for further support, inspiration to support networking between schools and ways to celebrate the achievements of your schools.

Whichever way you use the framework, it will bring benefits and aid discussions. The team at Osiris would love to hear your stories and publish your real-life exemplars at each level.