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What is Visible Learning (VL)?

Visible Learning+ is the only school improvement programme developed by Professor John Hattie and is available in the UK exclusively through Osiris.

Based on ground-breaking research into what actually works best in schools to improve learning and progress, VL is both the catalyst and the vehicle for positive change from the classroom through to a full school system. The very best in professional learning that implements a shared language of learning for every student, teacher and leader.

Visible Learning+ has been designed for school leaders and teachers seeking to embed the latest research to maximise learning. It is based upon the premise that every student should experience at least one year’s growth over the course of one school year.

Completed over three years, Visible Learning+ consists of a series of workshops and evaluations to provide the knowledge and tools to engage with John’s research and use evidence to evaluate instructional decisions.

Hear John Hattie explain how it works:

Visible Learning Videos

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Why VL is perfect for your school

The Visible Learning+ Whole School Programme will transform your organisation, accelerating the process of individual and whole-school change, building the capacity of: learners to learn. teachers to teach, leaders to lead and systems to improve.


For Leaders

  • Focusses on diagnosis, intervention, implementation and evaluation
  • A practical inquiry model to ask questions about the impact on student achievement
  • Aligns systems and processes
  • Uses evidence so leaders can lead learning confidently
  • Strengthens evaluation and impact

For Teachers

  • Shifts the focus from teaching to pupil learning
  • Impact data informs classroom practice at all stages
  • Professional inquiry ensures high impact strategies are implemented
  • Feedback to teachers on where to focus next based on pupil learning outcomes

For Learners

  • Brings clarity to the three big questions: Where am I going? How am I doing? Where to next?
  • Develops an understanding of the learning process and strategies’
  • Encourages a thirst for learning, equipping them to embrace challenge, learn from error, seek feedback and have ownership of the learning process

Explore the VL Resources

Look through the resources to explore the world of Visible Learning.

How does Visible Learning work?

Every Visible Learning journey looks different. The 3 year programme is entirely built around your school(s) bespoke needs and begins with forming a School Capability Assessment.

Free Webinars

Learn more about the Osiris Teaching Interventions from the expert consultants who will be implementing the Whole-School Improvement Programme in your school.  Explore the various Visible Learning webinars that we have hosted over the last couple of years.

Case Studies

Visible Learning Plus has been implemented in 1000s of schools around the world.  This includes success stories all across the UK, take a look at the map to see all the schools in the UK who have already implemented Visible Learning.  If you click on a school, you can see the full case study.

Wolgarston-high-schoolWolgarston High School started their Visible Learning journey in 2014 when they identified a need to strengthen pupil outcomes, leadership and whole-school focus. Their journey focused deeply on the use of robust evidence to inform their work at every level and supported them in shifting their focus from teaching to learning. Learner autonomy improved significantly as they embedded highly effective strategies for feedback and supported students in developing a language for thinking through SOLO Taxonomy.

Click to read the full case study.

In 2016, Penkridge Middle School were looking for a new approach to teaching and learning, one that would improve outcomes for students. Previous leadership teams had introduced a range of initiatives and September 2016 represented a time to develop a consistent approach for all.

Click here to read the full case study.

An Daras Multi-Academy Trust began their Visible Learning journey in 2016, becoming an accredited Visible Learning Partner School in 2019. Successfully implementing VL across the whole MAT, An Daras is one of Visible Learning’s biggest success stories. With a focus on Assessment Capable Learners, the pupils across the An Daras MAT now have a ‘can do’ attitude and are able to take ownership of their learning.

Click here to read the full case study.

Durdan’s Park Primary School had historically been successful in driving improvements in teaching and learning but they were ambitious in their vision to strengthen it further. They embarked upon the Visible Learning programme in order to build upon their previous success and engage with improvements in a coherent way through the Visible Learning framework. They significantly improved the active engagement of their learners in the learning process, building assessment-capability with a highly positive impact on outcomes.

Click here to read the full case study.


Visible Learning ensured that Fielding Primary School became highly successful in embedding a shared language of learning across their school. They established a deep understanding of the learning process with students actively engaged in the process. FPS moved from Ofsted ‘Good’ to ‘Outstanding’ and they attribute their effectiveness and high impact to their engagement with and implementation of the Visible Learning principles.

Click here to read the full case study.

Meet the Consultants

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Our expert instructional coaches will evaluate your schools’ needs and map out how VL can fit within your context.

VL coaches each have a wealth of experience in a range of contexts, subjects and phases. We have a passion for a world class education system for children across the country, regardless of background.