Strong Teams

Stronger teamwork, stronger practice, stronger schools.

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What is the Strong Teams?

Strong Teams is a data-driven process that audits and develops teamwork across your school. Using the latest research, it improves team cohesion and performance, targeting teams of leaders, teachers, departments or whole schools.

The high-impact framework will revolutionise the way your leadership team works together and influences teams across your school.  Teams will flourish with clearer understanding of the tenets of teamwork: 

1: Team Expectations – what we expect to do together

2: Team Interactions – what we do together

3: Team Behaviours – what we repeatedly do together

4: Team Infrastructure – how we organise what we do together

5: Team Capacity – how we improve what we do together

Why Strong Teams?

The benefits of Strong Teams will be felt across your school

Strong Teams is built from a simple, yet effective, framework leading to clear development plans that are easy to implement.  As clarity and consistency improves across your establishment, see a virtuous cycle where cohesive teamwork at the top filters down to every team.

  • Set a high standard of consistent leadership leading to more consistent teaching and learning experiences.

  • Absolute clarity on roles and responsibilities across the school with more organised, communicative and effective teams.

  • Simple team improvement framework, proven to work with set goals and objectives against the 5 tenets of teamwork.

  • Happier and more cohesive staffrooms and classrooms – see student achievement improve as a result.


Undertaken over
1 school term

No. of

Teams of any number can take part


6 to 12





Programme Structure

Baseline Assessment — 2 x half-day visit with the team (face-to-face or online)

Session One:

  • Introductions / Meet the team
  • Begin Teamwork Audit

Session Two:

  • Review the Audit
  • Designing team and individual plans

Coaching Sessions — 4 x half-day sessions (face-to-face or online)

Each session includes:

  • A training workshop
  • Teamwork training
  • Individual / team coaching

Evaluation — half-day session with the team (face-to-face or online)

  • Evaluation and report
  • 360 degree questionnaire
  • Final audit against the 5 tenets of teamwork.