The Independent Learner Programme

Uncover and nurture the inner learner in everyone.

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months of growth (EEF)


practical strategies


up to 24 members of staff
per cohort


year of
professional learning

What is the Independent Learner Programme?

The Independent Learner programme deepens professional knowledge around the application of practical strategies. It develops a coherent approach across the school so learners receive consistent and appropriate support. Fine-tuning the learning and coping strategies already used by learners results in fast and sustainable development of independent learning and critical dispositions.

It provides staff with a complete toolkit so they know which strategy to apply in which circumstance, ensuring support for high-capability learners, those struggling with the basics, and the quiet majority.

The Benefits

The benefits of academic resilience are demonstrated in a number of studies which highlight the relationship between academic resilience and positive academic achievement.

Self-regulation is also seen as a significant predictor of coping at university. All students, at some point, will experience poor performance, challenge or pressure. Students who are more able to cope and adapt to these ‘challenge points’ are more likely to experience positive academic achievement

Greater self-regulation will have three major effects on learners:

A Growth

A positive approach to opportunity, feedback, and challenge.


An improved ability to overcome the setbacks and challenges that are part of everyday academic life.


An increased capacity to face down acute/chronic adversity, usually seen as a major threat to educational development.


On top of the clear benefits to learners, teachers will also benefit.

After completing the Osiris Independent Learner Programme, teachers will be able to do the following differently:

  • Support all pupils, from strugglers to high-achievers
  • Personalise Academic Resilience instruction
  • Recognise Challenge Points
  • Employ top tactics
  • Collaborate with colleagues to build their Self-Regulation Toolkits
  • Know whether it’s conceptual understanding or resilience that is blocking progress
  • Transform struggle and mistakes to the building blocks of learning

How does the Independent Learner Programme work?

  • The Independent Learner Programme has been developed over a number of years with schools and international partners to ensure impact and specificity.
  • It is underpinned by an evidence informed scale that allows you to understand the precise ‘nudges’ required for each individual.
  • Solution focused inquiry underpins the cycles. Shared teacher understanding and informed evaluation of intervention processes feature.
  • Strict protocols are used to ensure efficacy of process and maximise impact.
  • A process built from strengths is used to avoid problem solving and distraction onto individual pupils (both of which lengthen process for little or no gain).
  • Input sessions are highly practical but drawn from best evidence saving staff hours in research time and allowing them to practice best probability strategies.


Undertaken over
2-4 school terms

No. of

Up to 25 key
staff members


6 to 18


English, Maths
and beyond


£10,560 + VAT

Programme Structure

Pre-Launch — half-day visit with SLT

  • Understand context and bespoke programme to meet unique needs of the school/s 
  • Introduction to the model and method
  • Baseline scoping for effectiveness of methodology
  • Self-regulation surveys for teachers and pupils
  • Baseline findings unpicked with SLT

Session One — 2 hours with whole school

  • Understanding self-regulation and its role in learning
  • Introduction to the self-regulation progression tool
  • How to apply self-regulation strategies in the classroom
  • Practical tools to develop academic resilience and buoyancy

Session Two — 4 hours with focus group

  • Independent Learner Programme project launch (whole school/coalition of the willing)
  • Independent Learner Programme methodology explained
  • Independent Learner Programme progression scale examined
  • Protocols introduced and timelines for action agreed
  • Independent Learner Programme cycle 1 – evidence trail and supporting protocols

Session Three — 4 hours with focus group

  • Review evidence against scale using Independent Learner Programme protocol
  • Praise, assessment and feedback, ‘unlearning helplessness’
  • Independent Learnern Programme cycle 2 – planning and evidence

Session Four — 4 hours with focus group

  • Moderation of evidence for S-RP cycle 2
  • Learning, memory, and metacognition
  • Independent Learner Programme cycle 3 – planning and evidence

Session Five — 4 hours with focus group

  • Moderation of evidence for Independent Learner Programme cycle 3
  • ‘Failing forwards’ and planning for long-term resilience
  • Planning for sustainability
  • SLT embedding Independent Learner Programme protocol session (optional)

Post Analysis — 2 hours with whole school or just SLT

  • Final analysis
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of protocols
  • ARP final surveys and analysis
  • Report and presentation to SLT and governors
  • Celebration event with all staff (optional)

Online Support and Coaching — unlimited

  • Online materials and examples
  • Email and zoom session support for individuals and groups