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Three different tiered models to instill Academic Resilience in every pupil

Our Academic Resilience Programme comes in three different tiered models so it can be available to every school, no matter the context.

The Base Model, Relational Model and Advanced Model all use the Twin Track Approach to instill Academic Resilience in every pupil.

This approach centres on the two key levels of struggle experienced by the pupil; the subject construct (what they are trying to learn) and the mental distractions (emotional thoughts, ‘this is too hard’).  The Academic Resilience Programme makes sure that when these challenge points are reached, it is the subject construct that is focussed on. This means the blocks to learning can be resolved, progress can be accelerated and academic buoyancy can be built.

The Academic Resilience Programme is an evidence-informed implementation process that will equip you with;

  • A Teacher and TA toolkit
  • An Academic Resilience audit
  • Scales to measure impact
  • Relationship building tools
  • 20 strategies to support struggling learners and support their personal development
The core collaborative
Guide education
The Curriculum foundation


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