St John Bosco Arts College – OTI

St Johns art college

Ofsted Results: Good

12 Week Osiris Teaching Intervention

Cohorts completed: 3

Teachers: 30

“Teachers demonstrate expert questioning of their students that checks their understanding and supports them very well in moving on at speed having secured much knowledge”

Ofsted results

Hitting a plateau
St John Bosco Arts College is a single-sex secondary school in Liverpool offering 11-18 provision. The school had hit a plateau in terms of results and regarded improving teaching and learning as the next driver to move the school forwards. As the head teacher explained:

If you haven’t got teaching and learning right in the classroom, then you’ll never move forward.”

Rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted in April 2007, the school was determined to raise its game and chose to undertake the OTI programme to achieve this aim.

Following the completion of 3 OTI cohorts in 2009, the school was given an
‘Outstanding’ rating in May 2010. This was followed by a second ‘Outstanding’ judgement in May 2013 where evidence of “continued improvement” in teaching was shown.

Improved Results
“I don’t know if [the school] would be where it is today without the programme, but I don’t think so.”

The head teacher cited improvements in teaching observations, along with positive changes in student attendance and results, both of which she said had improved year-on-year for eight years, as evidence of impact. Analysis revealed that the school’s GCSE results improved steadily in the period during which the school had been engaged with the Outstanding Teaching and Learning Programme. The proportion of students achieving five GCSEs including English and Maths grew from 41% in 2009 to its highest ever score of 64% in 2012. The school has maintained this level of results.

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