Speaker Summary

Steve Ingle is an acclaimed author and e-learning expert famed for his focus on resilience and self-efficacy. With his deep insight into every level of the education industry stemming from various roles across the sector in classroom teaching, inspection, examination and quality improvement, Steve has supported thousands of schools across the UK and globally. Armed with his vast experience of technology-enhanced learning and the power of positive mindsets and resilience in the world of online schooling, Steve is driving the very forefront of the latest theory and practice for education.

Areas of Expertise

Assessment - Coaching - Further Education - Mindsets - Ofsted - Primary - Secondary - Teaching and Learning - Whole School Improvement

Full Profile

A mindsets and resilience expert and published author with considerable knowledge of a variety of fields in the education sector, Steve has a proven reputation for providing high-quality, dynamic and engaging training.

Steve has supported hundreds of primary and secondary schools, working nationwide and globally to develop and embed effective approaches for developing growth mindsets and learning resilience. He has over 12 years of experience in further and higher education, including time spent as a PGCE senior lecturer and course leader. With a deep knowledge of teaching success and technology enhanced learning, Steve is at the very forefront of modern pedagogy.

Steve is an experienced inspector, senior examiner and quality improvement advisor. Thanks to his work as an educational consultant on a wide range of national quality and workforce development programmes, Steve has an extensive knowledge of quality improvement and development.

A passionate believer in inspiring continuous self-improvement in teachers, Steve maintains his own professional development through his research and membership of a range of academic institutions.


A selection of Steve’s work includes:
Enhancing Learning Through Technology in Lifelong Learning: Fresh Ideas: Innovative Strategies
2013, Open University Press

Teaching and Training Vocational Learners
2013, Learning Matters