Developing Metacognitive Learners is not easy. In this innovative approach the previously unseen processes of learning are revealed with a systematic approach to improving the skills of learning.

Teachers can begin to grow students’ capability to learn as soon as they have been armed with an understanding of metacognition and the most effective learning strategies.

Developing Metacognitive Learners follows a simple approach;

  1. Baseline assessment establishes the gaps in your teaching and learning provision and informs your trajectory.
  2. Interactive workshops build teacher knowledge gradually and decisively on the learning process
  3. Coaching and inquiry deepen knowledge and ensure effective implementation over four comprehensive sessions

Developing Metacognitive Learners involves teachers in every part of the process. They are engaged in evidence-gathering and equipped to drive implementation with scalable and sustainable strategies.

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1st July 2020 | London

19th July 2020| Edinburgh