Excellence in Leadership of Learning is a two-term on-site programme that engages the whole leadership team.

It uses five professional learning days of deep dialogue across the two terms to create the time and space needed to construct and implement action plans that ensure improvement in teaching and learning quality.

These days each tackle a foundational aspect of leadership;

  1. Deep dive- identifying starting points and unpicking protocols
  2. Shared clarity- prioritising to find time to focus on impact
  3. Relational Trust- the importance and effect of strong relationships at a leader, teacher and student level
  4. Accurate self-perception- closing the bias gap between self-perception and reality
  5. Effective learning design- leading learning for teachers

Alongside this, leaders also build Learning Portfolios to log and sustain their progress.

By the end of the programme the leadership team will have achieved absolute clarity on their next steps, as well as full instructional material to support ongoing development.

For any enquiries about ETLoL, call our friendly team on 01790 753 98 or email inset@osiriseducational.co.uk.