Mastery Maths in Early Years

Overview of the course
  • How to ensure that children transition into Year 1 with a firm understanding of maths

  • Create effective change to guarantee a progressive skills- based curriculum that starts in Early Years

  • Practical toolkit to improve a child’s depth of understanding and learning:

    • Strategies

    • Techniques

    • Progressions

    • Assessment to secure progress

Dates & Locations
  • 28th November 2019 | London

First Delegate Rate

£299.00 + VAT

Additional Delegates

£279.00 + VAT

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Delivered by

Jayne Carter

Jayne specialises in practical guidance around mastery maths and is skilled at leading others to consider how their provision reflects current research. She provides a wide range of training with a clear focus on the role of the adult in scaffolding, challenging and supporting children’s learning.

by Jayne Carter


Mastery Maths

Explore the mastery approach to teaching maths:

  • Key principles

  • Recommendations

  • Expectations

Unpick the impact and outcomes based on current research

What does mastery maths look like in Early Years?

Encourage mathematical development of key skills

Misconceptions: how are these matched to expectations?

The Role of the Adult in:

Plan for a mathematically challenging learning environment

Use manipulatives to promote mathematical understanding

Support/challenge all children to secure their learning

The perfect mastery checklist including key websites, resources and publications

The perfect mastery checklist, including:

  • Key websites

  • Resources

  • Publications

  • Strategies to challenge children’s deep thinking

  • Current research materials

Delegates receive

Planning tools Techniques for:

  • progression curriculum mapping

  • misconception identification

  • using data to inform provision

Learning environment maps

Online post-course support

Delegate file, including CPD certificate

Additional information

Key Stage

Early Years


28th November 2019




Avonmouth House, Venue to be confirmed up to 4 weeks in advance

Presenter Jayne Carter


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