Lead presenter works with the school for up to three years.

Leaders and teachers are supported during training days to identify what is working best within the school to provide a clear starting point to develop from.

Inset days provide learning focused CPD for all staff and develop a sustainable approach understood by every level, leaders and teachers.

Gradual release programme develops leaders and teachers able to drive their own development over a period of time.

  1. Start with the evidence identified during the initial assessment and leadership days.
  2. Design of a school implementation framework that allows for tailoring.
  3. Combination of professional learning driven by school’s priorities. 
  4. Every learning session is to be backed up by an in-school session with impact coaches taking the lead.

Below shows the impact of Visible Learning through each cycle, although the impact would be different for each school, this is a more generic process.

6 months

  • Baseline established, staff engaging with evidence base.
  • Impact coaches in place and becoming effective at supporting.
  • SLT is clear on methodology, purpose and direction of travel.

Year 1 – 12 months

  • School has high clarity of strengths and identified areas for improvement.
  • Shared school aspiration and clear plans for implementation agreed.
  • Shared understanding of what makes an effective learner throughout the school at every level.
  • Learners are in the early stages of developing to become effective and understand what this means.
  • All staff with clear knowledge on high probability interventions.
  • First impact cycle nearing completion.
  • Impact Coaches trained and bringing all staff onboard effectively.
  • SLT beginning whole school impact cycle, the implementation team clear on the strategic plan and meeting initial key performance indicators.

Year 2 – 24 months

  • Teachers engaged in collaborative enquiry following the Visible Learning into Action training days.
  • Developing learner capability to help learners identify how to become more effective and improving progress for all.
  • Deeper knowledge on research and implementation strategies based on what is working best developed within the school.
  • Systems and structures become aligned to focus on learners’ learning and progress. 
  • One year’s growth for one year’s input becomes visible.
  • Evaluation tools show clear evidence of impact from baseline.
  • Default focus is on learner progression.
  • Learners are developing visible signs of assessment capability, clearly able to identify the next steps in learning and taking responsibility for their own progress.
  • Implementation team hit second-level key performance indicators knowing processes and framework are largely in place and happening.

Year 3 – 36 months

  • Teachers driving their own development using skills and knowledge developed in year 2 and using collaborative inquiry.
  • Instructional leaders with a deep understanding of how to evaluate the impact and use evaluation to plan systematic continuous improvement focused on outcomes for learners.
  • Learners are able to articulate, where I’m going, how I’m doing and where to next.