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Clive Lambert

Clive is a National Leader of Education, leadership expert and Mindsets presenter for Osiris Educational.

He became a teacher in 1975 and has taught in a variety of different schools of varying sizes in the south of England. He has experience of every phase of education and has been a head of primary, middle and secondary school.

His secondary school was considered by Ofsted to be ‘outstanding’, this was partly due to the fact that Clive granted autonomy to teachers which promoted the value of learning. In 2014, the same school was in the top 2% in the country for progress from KS2 to GCSE and the top 4% in 2015. The primary school he led was only one of 8 primary schools in the Central and West England to have 100% for its KS2 outcomes for the last 3 years.

Clive is an avid researcher and has gained a wealth of knowledge and resources, some of which were used in his schools.

Currently Clive delivers training and inset sessions around the country to schools and groups of teachers on aspects related to a ‘Growth Mindset’ and ‘Self Determination’.