• School Leaders
  • Curriculum Designers
  • Classroom and Subject Teachers

Independent Learning


An innovative and in-depth guide to successful learning


Tools, games and tasks to boost pupil motivation and independence


Re-focus student attention on the skills needed for long-term achievement


Discover the secrets of effective independent learning


The skeleton key to unlock learning potential in all pupils through:

  • Stimulating intellectual curiosity and student-led research
  • Developing an autonomous and enquiring critical disposition
  • Techniques to support independent, collaborative and reflective learning

The active learning pyramid

  • 3 essentials of successful independent learning:
  • Identify the ingredients of a great independent and collaborative learner
  • Boost learner effectiveness with practical tools and techniques

Build independent learning into your curriculum:

  • 12 critical factors
  • Project planning
  • Teaching to promote the method

The tools for the learning break-through

  • 5 tactics for constructive team thinking: overcome hurdles in leaps and bounds
  • Pupil learning investigations: know what works for each individual
  • Student self-assessment strategies
  • Engaging review, revision and AfL techniques for school and home
  • Web research efficiency and effectiveness tools
  • Devices for students to check research relevance and credibility
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