• Reception Teachers
  • Reception Co-ordinators
  • Headteachers

Outstanding Reception


Achieve Ofsted’s Outstanding with no extra work


A proven, new model that will meet EYFS standards while maintaining a play-based curriculum


The guru’s guide to an outstanding, enabling environment


Highly practical tools to promote spontaneous learning

Meet new requirements without compromising a child-led curriculum

  • New Ofsted criteria
  • Revised EYFS
  • Year 1 screening checks
  • Record keeping and assessment - look at each child’s learning journey
  • Achieve Ofsted’s Outstanding - replace forward planning with spontaneous planning

Renovate your existing environment to encourage happy, confident children

  • Organise a workshop set-up indoors and out
  • Encourage first-hand experiences and risk taking
  • Discover how to embed a spontaneous culture - no longer set-up activities in each area
  • Promote parental involvement
  • Uncover new induction techniques
  • Simple tracking and assessment procedures

Strategies to support all children’s individual circumstances and talents including:

  • EAL
  • boys
  • SEN

A vital toolkit promising to make your work manageable and rewarding

  • spontaneous planning sheets
  • record keeping sheets
  • sample letters to parents
  • role play resources
  • examples of recorded observations and planning for next steps
  • list of resources and materials
  • 100s of practical ideas for classroom organisation and storage
  • real examples of children’s learning journeys
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