Graham Watts

Graham Watts

One of the nation’s most eminent voices on mindfulness and thinking skills, Graham is a best-selling author and internationally acclaimed trainer.

Graham has a proven track record over a 20 year career as an outstanding teacher and leader in a diverse range of schools in the UK and overseas. From the highest-achieving school in New Zealand to being selected as part of the leadership team to turn around one of England’s lowest-achieving secondary schools, Graham successfully leads change, pushes boundaries and improves learning outcomes wherever he goes.

Graham is driven by his belief that unless students are calm, able to focus, optimistic and able to manage stress and anxiety; they are not set up for success at school. To this end, Graham worked with actress Goldie Hawn to set up an educational charity in the UK that teaches focus, calm and happiness to children. He went on to become Global Director of Education and Training for The Hawn Foundation, supporting schools with training from the USA to Australia, and in many places in between.

For the past three years, Graham has worked as a freelance consultant teaching mindfulness to teachers, students and their parents on INSET days or through strategic work with schools across a year. He has developed a benchmarking tool that compares data on well-being for schools across the country, meaning he is ideally placed to provide support tailored to each individual organisation. His areas of expertise include:
  • Coaching
  • Literacy
  • Mindfulness
  • Resilience
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Well-being

Published work

World Class, Tackling the Biggest Challenges Facing Schools Today, 2017, Routledge

The A* Tookit: A Step-by-Step Programme to Maximise Exam Success, 2012, Optimus Education (Chapter 3)

Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills at Key Stage 3, 2009, Optimus Education

Developing Habits of Mind in Elementary Schools, 2009, Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development

Developing Habits of Mind in Secondary Schools, 2009, Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development


“Excellent. Extremely impressed. One of the best leaders I have experienced.Tony was enthusiastic and in tune with what was required.” Railton Blyth, Course Delegate

“Graham was really knowledgeable – I really enjoyed the day. I feel I could take so much away from this course for use in the classroom.” Rachel Way, Course Delegate

“The day was very informative and to the point. There were some great resources to take away and a mix of activities. Engaging! Graham was knowledgeable, personable and had realistic expectations. There was a good level of talk and discussion.” Laura Spargo, Course Delegate

“Excellent. Graham had such practical ideas. He was informative and engaging.” Jessica Howley, Course Delegate