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Are you prepared for COVID-19 setbacks?

28 August, 2020

The three-sided coin When a coin gets tossed and you make your call, three options are presented. Heads – everything goes swimmingly well. Our diligent preparations hold, the learning loss is minimised, our track and trace prove effective, our emotions stay calm and normalness returns. Tails – we perceive loss. Incidents break out, lockdown measures […]

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Digital Learning | Osiris Educational

Digital Learning

5 June, 2020

3 models: 1.0. 2.0. 3.0. compliance, co-construction and spiralled Digital learning refers to any type of learning that is driven by or uses digital technology. It, therefore, runs a wide gambit. This can either substitute traditional learning, supplement, augment or create new pathways in learning architecture. The latter is the most exciting and least explored, […]

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john hattie webinar

FREE Webinar with John Hattie

5 June, 2020

To support schools, leaders and teachers, Professor John Hattie of Visible Learning(R) fame is appearing in a free webinar at 4PM Monday 15th June 2020. Whether its back to school, learning from home or online, John draws on the evidence base and lessons learned from similar incidents. To watch a replay of the webinar, please […]

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