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Impact teams launch day

Impact Teams – 5 reasons to be excited!

6 September, 2019

After two years we have finally brought the Impact Teams approach to the UK. This high impact approach to school improvement is a unique combination of collaboration, coaching, inquiry and protocols. Developed by Paul Bloomberg and Barb Pritchard, it has revolutionised professional learning in the USA. Learning gains of 5% year on year have been […]

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CPD a term no longer fit for purpose?

3 September, 2019

Dimensions The term CPD is no longer fit for purpose, there are too many dimensions. It is not resulting in the productivity gains we require if we are to continue to reduce resources whilst expecting ever improving outcomes. The complexity of needs facing teachers and leaders (SEND, mental health, social mobility, EBAC, inclusion) becomes ever […]

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Three dimensions of IMPACT

9 July, 2019

When impact entered the educational lexicon it became a real game changer. Professor John Hattie took as his mantra ‘Know thy Impact.’ What he meant by this was to become an evaluator of your practice. Only by doing this could you focus on the quality of learning happening. Previously, the focus had been on teacher performance […]

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