When you book the Osiris Teaching Intervention you will be assigned an expert instructional coach who will evaluate your schools’ needs and deliver OTI’s three modules of learning.

These are held in your school, around the school day in order to maximise impact and minimise disruption:


Concentrates on how developing the access, expectations, skills and habits of learners as well as strategies to engage and motivate students.


Develops teachers’ planning and teaching for learning. This module explores the importance of modelling and explaining skills and how to utilise feedback effectively in the classroom.


Examines the importance of questioning and thinking hard as well as strategies to maximise retention in long term memory.

After each module, each member of the cohort will be observed and filmed applying the learning acquired in each module to their own teaching practice.

Instructional coaching sessions will offer instant pointers and medium strategies to improve teaching and its’ impact on learning.

Each member of the cohort will receive written feedback, consisting of lesson commentary to identify strengths and areas for further development.

The intervention concludes with an evaluation event where teachers unpick their personal journey and how they will integrate these new habits in their day-to-day teaching. 

Embedding Outstanding Teaching

To find out more about Osiris Teaching Intervention, please contact 01790 753 987 or email oti@osiriseducational.co.uk.