Join Andy Griffith, a nationally acclaimed, award-winning educational trainer, consultant and writer and Anne-Marie Duguid as they explore social justice in this webinar.

Webinar focus:
– The importance of your organisation working to a compelling definition of equity and equality
– Practical strategies to improve social justice that can be adopted in schools and how non-educational organisations can help
– Design principles for making interventions effective – e.g. case study, The Scholars Programme
– How schools can examine and audit whether they are working with social justice in mind 
– How to build cultural capital appropriately and effectively 
– How to ensure our deeds match our words when it comes to narratives around ‘gap closing’ and ‘progress’.

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Anne-marie duguid

About Anne-Marie Duguid

Anne-Marie Duguid is one of the UK’s most experienced senior leaders in education and a key architect of the World Education Summit. 

Andy Griffith

About Andy Griffith

​​​​Andy is a nationally acclaimed, award-winning educational trainer, consultant and writer. He co-developed the Outstanding Teaching Intervention, which has helped numerous schools transform the quality of teaching and learning and helped them achieve Outstanding.