The Visible Learning World Conference Round Up

27 January, 2016

We have reached the end of day 2 and this outstanding conference shimmers to a significantly successful conclusion.

As the 600+ delegates begin to evaluate the impact that the last two days will have on their future teaching practice, it seems likely their students will feel more valued, recognised, praised and supported in all aspects of school life.

According to Professor Andy Hargreaves, who opened day 2 with a truly rousing keynote, these are the 4 main things teachers and students need to feel uplifted.

Providing the ‘quote of the day’, Andy also fetched a plentiful supply of humour, inspiration and a wonderful passion for Uplifting Leadership to the stage:

[quote align=”center” color=”#000000″]“We uplift the people we serve by uplifting the people who serve them.”[/quote]

Professor Barry Hymer was also on hand to offer words of wisdom about Growth Mindset later in the morning:

[quote align=”center” color=”#000000″]“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”[/quote]

This eight stream conference, packed to bursting with Keynotes, practical workshops and case studies has educated, inspired and amazed in equal measure whilst truly forging a pathway towards making Visible Learning fully visible worldwide.

Keep an eye out for more highlights from the event over the next few days, including clips and quotes from the day.

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