Making history with the World Education Summit

7 April, 2021

The World Education Summit

It was a first

The Education community coming together at a time when they really needed to.

March 2021

The World Education Summit provided hope, learning and what will be a legacy of impact.

Co creators Stephen Cox and Anne-Marie Duguid invited the very best in the world to share their wisdom, their stories and the impact of their work.

Schools and school leaders joined to describe their journeys and the importance of preparing for the future.

We aimed for the likeness of a festival, slightly informal, personal whilst being professional – a gathering of like-minded friends.

“a really lovely buzz – almost a festival feel which is no mean feat for an online event”

We agreed, we disagreed, we learnt, we shared, we were inspired and we were exhausted. We deliberately planned a challenge and at a time for polar opposite views to widen the debate and enable us to respect and reimagine.

From disagreements on meta- analyses to knowledge, content and skills -does order matter?

To important debates and discussions around areas such as :

Does curriculum matter?

How should we assess?

Have we gained or lost learning?

Will we ever embrace digital with impact?

How do we ensure equity?

What does it take to turn schools around with integrity?

What do we really know about social learning, inner engineering and mindfulness?

There were debates, discussions and so much to take away and consider. Speakers were given a platform to share globally and authors brought their books to life. Incredibly talented and highly respected hosts unpacked key learning from keynotes, workshops and enabled the audience to interact.

This was a-political, not about perception and all about understanding the evidence base properly. What does the research say and not, what research shall we use to back up our position.

The World Education Summit was something really positive to emerge from COVID. With representation from 74 countries, 408 sessions across 10 high impact themes.

Equity and values were present throughout with diversity in speakers and outcomes. Each stage was equally important; all playing their part in what was a first, incredible success and a hugely positive experience.

We have redefined what professional learning looks like.

Of course there are always things we wish could have gone better and to improve. We will strive to make sure we learn from those for next year.

But the best bit?

By end of April – ALL the sessions will be available on Summit Central. The online learning portal which enables reflection, catch up and most importantly implementation.

Let’s make 2021 the year of Learning.

And next year… who is up for World Education Summit 2022?

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